Full Retard and Hello 2014!

‘Let’s Get Married’

That was all that was there in my head.


I was pissed. I was angry.

And that was all that was there in my head.

That one sentence.


It had been more than a year.

It was New Years Eve.

He was in Shillong.

But all I could distinctly remember was this desperate intense urge to get married.

Let’s get married and then I could sleep in peace. Go back to my pink blankiee.

I hadn’t even turned 20.

He turned 19 a few days back.

Marriage was just a word. The responsible meaning hadn’t sunk in yet.

All I knew was to get married and a have a chubby kid and a dog and a bird and a hamster and a duck.

Quack. Quack.

The thought of having a duck follow me around the house was pleasing. It was almost satisfactory.


I don’t want to get married before 30.

I’m quite sure.

Mind made.

Contradictory stuff, eh?

I do that to myself. Sometimes.


I bought a brand new headphone today. It ain’t working.

My happy mood went straight down the drain.

I have been sulking since.

I was pissed. I was angry.

Told you. The very root cause was this unhappy lil thing.

I went full retard after that.


I want biriyani. And raita. And kebabs maybe.


2013. It has been a great year. I have a lot to be thankful for. Especially my parents for being so supportive and nice and loving and being MINE.

My brother and bhabi. For being awesome as always. Yo! Dada for being the male version of me. And bhabi for being a replica of me. La Lala Lala. It’s a wonderful world.

Mr. Happy. For being the most understanding guy on the planet. And for being MY lovable lil thing. And for all those other things only you know about. Psst. O:)

Abhimanyu. For tolerating me. For having the world’s patience stored up and explaining basic computer stuff to me all year round.

Tathagata(da) for being you and giving me the push I needed. Thanks for believing in me. And for introducing me to that lovable bunch of people. Sobai pagol. ^_^

Sayantan da. For all the advices on acting. You are one of the greatest actors I have seen up close.

Kaushiki. For not forgetting to be my chotto cow. Some insanity is always appreciated.

My school friends. For restoring faith in good old friendship.

Rachaita, Tiasha, Medha. For the food walks. And my mood swings. For keeping the craziness alive.

Alokananda. For sharing The Bell Jar. It is a weird love for Plath.

Shivi, Adi, Appy. For being there. Just. At all odd times.

To my half-JU-half-XAV group. For being random. Fun times. :’)

Sohini di and Shamvabee di. For your fb notes. Your poems. Totally inspiring. Two seniors I love a lot. Respect.

The weird batch of juniors. For being weird. Period. Attooottttaaa bhalobasha. :3

To LIFE , in general. For my loved ones. For the cool internships that came by. For the few times my work got appreciated. For helping me crawl outta my writer’s block. For the kicks(It hurt!). For showing me thou is a prick but that I’ll get by. For..for everything.. I love thee.


2014, Darling, please don’t go full retard. Be Good.

(Here’s hoping.)

Day Three(3).

Merry Christmas!! ^_^


Hey everybody! 

Another eventful day? Hell yes.

It’s Christmas time after all. Holidays are here. Winter at it’s best. Happiness and love all around. What else do you need?

Christmas is a funny festival for Indians. I mean, you don’t have to spend a fortune on this day unlike other Indian festivals, namely, Diwali, Holi or Eid. You can be in your old sweater and jeans, bring home fruit cake and a small (artificial) Christmas tree to celebrate the spirit of joy. It’s a wonderful day. It also marks the beginning of next year, which for some people could prove to be a second chance/blessing in disguise. Take a look at this, which was posted in a Spurs community group. So much purity.



There are obviously many mysteries regarding the whole Santa Claus thing too. Years ago, I read a book of letters written to Santa Claus, and I remember that…

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Day One(1).

Pure thoughts. 🙂


Finally. A win. 

Spurs was going through a  rough period over the last few weeks. Very rough infact. 
5-0 loss at home to Liverpool. Manager sacked. New manager comes in. 2nd loss to West Ham at home this season. And today, a win.
A deserving win maybe? Who cares. I’ll take the three points happily.

It’s not easy supporting Spurs. Not at all. You get mini heart-attacks all throughout the season. I have learnt the way now though.
It’s been sweet four and a half years now. And, I don’t repent about my choice.

Wait. I didn’t choose Spurs. Spurs chose me. Haven’t they?
The same way as in the Harry Potter movie. Lol. 

The tougher part, though, is explaining people, in India why do I support this team. To be honest, I myself don’t have an answer.
Some one walks up to me, asks me my favourite football club…

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Mon ta aj bhari, Tai bolchi..


Janish toh, kalker akash ta

mosto sobuj chilo..

Tai dilam mekhe aj

moner moto dhulo.

Ta dekhe roder ki kanna!!

Boj re tora, Obuj joto..

– Etai jibon. Etai sikhe rakhna.


Gaye makha notun niyom kanun


E je ajob desh.. sei Tasher Desh r moto..

Sob-I baron..

Hashi o lukiye rakhna..


Ojana k sporsho kora baron.

Misti meyer hatchani

Chok tule takano baron.

Pache kichu hoye,

Jodi keu kichu bole..

Ei ek baron-r desh hoeche bote!


Sobuj ta aj dhusor-e rongin.

Tobuo bolchi..

Ashbe ekdin

Jolbe akash

Nibhbhe ondhokar.


Ashbe ekdin..

“On those dew drops, I found this lil moon

A half smile smeared on his face.. “

Birthday Wishes.

Today is Mr. Happy’s BIRTHDAY.

Here’s to my lil lad growing up. And to us being the same age for about two months or so.

(Okay. Please don’t grow up. 😐 )


On those dew drops, I found this little moon

A half smile smeared on his face

Looking up with half dazed eyes

Half hopeful..

Half scared I might say.


Soaring in the starlit sky

Purple hues trailing behind

That little moon laughed cried smiled

The hellos and the goodbyes.


Winter.  Spring.  Summer.  Autumn.

One by One. Gone. Lost.

That lil moon?

Well, he grew up.



And All.


That little moon

I met,

In one wintery tale..

It is winter now

And a year has passed

That little moon stays..

Happy Birthday