From my window seat


Of all the countless stars I see
And the dim lights across the field
And the stations carelessly passed
I finally breathe.

When you’re rushing, rushing
against time
And then you look up at the sky
Of all the countless stars you see
One shines bright.

Across the moors there is a frail
road; a lone bike stands by
Staring at the passing train
The calves graze on
Unperturbed, .

A dim lantern keeps its stand
Protector of the muddy homes
Kingdom under thatched roofs –
Of all the darkness that I see
I see you, if I close my eyes.

Sleepless night of sleepy eyes
Herb and water sits by my side.
The train halts as dawn
Creeps in.
I order two butter omelette fries.

On Running Away


This was the umpteenth time that
I felt like running away.
Who cares if I stay?
Lil robin says he’ll miss me
But I’ll doubt that
If I may.

I’ll pack my bags
I’ll brush my shoes
And then I’ll run away.
Get the tickets
Blow the whistle
Yes, then I’ll run away.

open sky

( P.S. – I’m not entirely sure whether I want to end it here. But…I do like the incompleteness in this. So, for the time being … )