My First Rejection Letter.

I really thought I could be one of the finalists. I really really did.
So, when I got the letter this afternoon, it killed me.
I opened it, excited. Only to be faced with the worst.
The TV blared in the room. The voices- muffled and distant.
And I just sat there. Unable to feel.
It’s one of those worthless feelings. What use is believing in yourself
if there’s not much to believe in?

It’s a poem I posted here before (deleted before participating.
It’s one that got good reviews).
And one close to my heart.
So you know how it feels.
I haven’t told anyone yet.
I’m a bit embarrassed to be honest.


Uggh. I’m just plain sad. 

Anyone with similar stories? or anything really..
It would be nice to catch up with you all.

(Mail me at )

Love and hugs,
Antara 🙂