When you lose your poetry

When you lose your poetry to the wind,

it hurts.

Rendered voiceless, you

lie on your bed face down

and let your tears burn holes on the

pillowcase. The unwashed stink sneaks

stealthily and knocks rudely. You hush it


The street lamp stares at you. It doesn’t

know where your poetry is. A single frail

page. GOT watermarked. Blue ink on old

paper. Where’d you go?

Our Story

Both: This is a simple story

A: As simple stories begin

S: Ours started with a ‘like’


A: The first day that we spoke

His voice reminded me of

Those dusty dog-eared corners

Of my favourite book.

It seemed as if this rusty plummating sound

Was sugar and I, like a lil fat girl, trailed

On for my sweet treats.

He enchanted me.

He took me to my childhood days

Ones I feared, ones I would rather

Not step in. An embrace – of

I’m there with you.

S:  My voice…

A: It pulled me in and lullabied me back to sleep

I dont call people at 3 AM but I called

him. Just to say – Happy Birthday!


S: The day we finally met, I did

Not have butterflies. Orange stripes

Blurred the lines. She held my

Hand and hummed to herself.

A quiet girl in her quiet world

And I was happy to be in it.


Both: Long distance takes a toll on you

S:        You miss the dates

You miss the hugs

A:        You miss everything else.

S:         Letters with her scent

And half-pressed lipstick kisses.

A:        Postcards with their dutiful stamps

Entrancing me with stories as i

Sit huddled up on breezy nights

Laced in warmth and smoke.

S:         Voice dipped in sea, voiceless in sea.

I can close my eyes in a booming bazaar

And still know where she is.

A:        I need no saving, but it’s nice

To have someone who imperfectly fits in

That yellow park bench.

Both:   Everyone has their own park bench.


S:          For me, it started with her smile.

A:          It all started with how he looked different in

each and every picture. I was intrigued.

Both:  It started when two strangers found each other

over lost topics and chanced upon hope in

twelve days.


Both: So, when love happened to us, we were miles away.

A:      Sitting in two separate rooms,

S:      clutching two phones unsteadily

A:     “You’re serious about me, right?”

S:       “…yeah.”


P.S. – Recently, Sourjya and I performed ‘Our Story’ at Papercup’s Poetry Slam 0.5. Above, quite obviously, ‘A’ stands for me and ‘S’ for Sourjya. This is a true story and we tried to keep the poem as neatly placed on facts as possible. Hope you guys like it.

P.P.S. – Video link is in the previous post. 🙂

Documenting 1.3 : Our Story by Antara and Sourjya

Hi everyone!

Recently, Papercup held its Poetry Slam 0.5 at Oxford bookstore and me and Sourjya decided to participate. This is my second time slamming and Sourjya’s first. Hope you guys like it. 🙂

Love, Antara.

( https://antarachakraborty.wordpress.com/2016/06/25/our-story/ )