Holi ’16.

Well, hi!


The best thing to happen, happened. I had a freaking amazing holi- in all sense of the term. I got to spend it with my bestbuds and family. 🙂

And and and

I woke up to –

my article

published on

The Times of India. :3

Full page, too. Yay.

Here’s the link-

23_03_2016_my article

P.S. – Happy Holi, folks! Hope you had a good one. 🙂


Documenting 1.2 : Childhood Memories

I was hardly 5 or 6 when this video was taken in a family cultural function.

Ma is playing the harmonium and Robi Uncle – the tabla.

Finding this after 17 years…this was too adorable not to upload. Here’s hoping you guys like it. Cheers! 🙂