What Is Wrong With Asking Questions?


When something pisses me off, I write. So, I write, what is wrong with asking questions?

Irony. People who are made fun of for asking questions, make fun of others for asking questions, who again make fun of others for asking questions.

Well, this is not ironic at all. In fact, it is intentional. When you are made fun of, the best defense is to join your bullies in making fun of others for similar reasons. I know that, because I have done that. Of course, I am ashamed.

Well, a long while ago I had seen some unsuitable “teachers” express astonishment at a question of a child who rightly knew less than them. “How can you not know that?”

Unsurprisingly, the child never publicly expressed her doubts again.

In the eleventh grade, one of the reasons I quit science was an ass of a teacher who made me feel…

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