Day One(1).

Pure thoughts. 🙂


Finally. A win. 

Spurs was going through a  rough period over the last few weeks. Very rough infact. 
5-0 loss at home to Liverpool. Manager sacked. New manager comes in. 2nd loss to West Ham at home this season. And today, a win.
A deserving win maybe? Who cares. I’ll take the three points happily.

It’s not easy supporting Spurs. Not at all. You get mini heart-attacks all throughout the season. I have learnt the way now though.
It’s been sweet four and a half years now. And, I don’t repent about my choice.

Wait. I didn’t choose Spurs. Spurs chose me. Haven’t they?
The same way as in the Harry Potter movie. Lol. 

The tougher part, though, is explaining people, in India why do I support this team. To be honest, I myself don’t have an answer.
Some one walks up to me, asks me my favourite football club…

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