So, it doesn’t have to end.
The sun kissed lanes
Between your fingers
The valleys, the cotton-candy spring
Gliding down your crevices.

Surely, it didn’t have to end.

The mid-march battle-math.
The soft brazen destiny
In your palm,
Fistful wishes
Wishes feasted upon.
Roma, it didn’t have to end.

It didn’t. It didn’t.
Perhaps, it did?
( Nonsense! )
The waggy tailed
Insatiable letters
Mock me.

Pink world
Red leaved; narrow black mist
Whistling whisking into a pulp
Beat. Beat. Beat.
Roma, they mock me.

I painted my nails
The colour of the sky
The stars are you Roma-
Calming the nooks and
corners of me. Panjabi
pockets of sun-burnt
flowers; glimpses of
half-kissed afternoons.
I’m drowning in the by-lanes.

Roma, did it have to end?
Perhaps it didn’t.


Sleepless Nights

What do you do on sleepless nights
with star dipped empty eyes?
Sit ashore crushing shells
One down.
Two too.
Three tripping trance.

The cat mews, stumbles, stares bewildered
The orange moon up the pile
Up; up shadows so high
Swaying east,
Sway west-
Still; the rest erect dangling dead.

The silence of silence
‘as noise within
I knocked thrice,
Skipping a beat.
Answered with gallows of wind
Rancid breath tumbled down-
Breadcrumbs on ashen tresses;
The lone flag whistled back.

As I bare the crests within
Pink darkness smothered its grief
These sleepless nights – mere reluctance
These sleepless nights of emptiness.

You won’t have an Answer

You can ask
Loneliness is?
You won’t have an
It’s not until you
are down there
craving for a
where there are
that you sit and wait
and wait
stopping time
you wait on.

I write in dark spaces
On empty faces of
I play
I caress
I cajole my
existence into…

You can ask
Loneliness is?
You won’t have an
I did
I didn’t none.

Loneliness is the Sun
beneath my vein.
Loneliness is in the dust
On that bookshelf.
Loneliness is in the deep
deafening dull ocean.
Loneliness is in my fist
Bound tight.

But if you ask
Loneliness is?
You won’t have an Answer.

Chocolate Wars

So, my sister-in-law makes chocolates at home. And she is super good at it :3
which also means I get to taste the oh-so-delicious chocolates every time she is cooking and baking 😀

And since she is awesome at it, she has decided to sell them 😀
Lalalalalaaaaa ^_^

So, suppose you enter a store to buy a gift, what would you go for? The branded ones? Since you already know how they taste. Or would you be adventurous and go for the Home-made ones? 🙂

This is what I made (I’m a good learner YO B| ) –


And here’s her blog link –


Sally Says: Okay. Yes. Girls smoke too. Get over it.

It was a Weekday afternoon. I was out with a few friends –eating. Since that’s what we mostly do. I sat there devouring my burger when an off-hand comment was passed. A friend, pointing to a girl on the road, said : “I don’t like Girls smoking. They are just trying to copy boys. Pointless.”
I looked at her and I looked at my plate and then, I ate my burger. The moment passed. People talked and shared trivial thoughts on other things.
I hadn’t agreed to what she said. But I hadn’t said anything either. I’m a coward that way. Hi there. I’m Sally The Coward.
I didn’t mind her not liking girls smoking. That’s her thing. She may like or dislike whatever she wants. I may not like blue skirts. You may not like short hair. A third person might not even like us. Boo Hoo.
But her second comment basically sucked.
Girls don’t smoke to copy boys. Girls smoke for the same reason boys do. They enjoy it. Or it is something they picked up which has turned into a bad habit. Like biting nails. Or Overspending. Or chewing hair.

I should clarify here- I don’t support smoking. Smoking causes Cancer. Smoking Kills. No one should smoke (irrespective of one’s gender).
But people do, knowing the risks.

So here’s to the people who stare and judge and go- “Issh. Ki korche era??!!” ( which roughly translates to – “ Eww. Whaaat are they doing??!!”) :
Please don’t judge.
Judging is a bad habit.
And, yes. Girls smoke too. Get over it.