Our Story

Both: This is a simple story

A: As simple stories begin

S: Ours started with a ‘like’


A: The first day that we spoke

His voice reminded me of

Those dusty dog-eared corners

Of my favourite book.

It seemed as if this rusty plummating sound

Was sugar and I, like a lil fat girl, trailed

On for my sweet treats.

He enchanted me.

He took me to my childhood days

Ones I feared, ones I would rather

Not step in. An embrace – of

I’m there with you.

S:  My voice…

A: It pulled me in and lullabied me back to sleep

I dont call people at 3 AM but I called

him. Just to say – Happy Birthday!


S: The day we finally met, I did

Not have butterflies. Orange stripes

Blurred the lines. She held my

Hand and hummed to herself.

A quiet girl in her quiet world

And I was happy to be in it.


Both: Long distance takes a toll on you

S:        You miss the dates

You miss the hugs

A:        You miss everything else.

S:         Letters with her scent

And half-pressed lipstick kisses.

A:        Postcards with their dutiful stamps

Entrancing me with stories as i

Sit huddled up on breezy nights

Laced in warmth and smoke.

S:         Voice dipped in sea, voiceless in sea.

I can close my eyes in a booming bazaar

And still know where she is.

A:        I need no saving, but it’s nice

To have someone who imperfectly fits in

That yellow park bench.

Both:   Everyone has their own park bench.


S:          For me, it started with her smile.

A:          It all started with how he looked different in

each and every picture. I was intrigued.

Both:  It started when two strangers found each other

over lost topics and chanced upon hope in

twelve days.


Both: So, when love happened to us, we were miles away.

A:      Sitting in two separate rooms,

S:      clutching two phones unsteadily

A:     “You’re serious about me, right?”

S:       “…yeah.”


P.S. – Recently, Sourjya and I performed ‘Our Story’ at Papercup’s Poetry Slam 0.5. Above, quite obviously, ‘A’ stands for me and ‘S’ for Sourjya. This is a true story and we tried to keep the poem as neatly placed on facts as possible. Hope you guys like it.

P.P.S. – Video link is in the previous post. 🙂

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