Make Believe


There are these times… I can just close my eyes… and drown in my world of make-believe.

I wouldn’t need to depend on anyone. I could create my own happiness…

Don’t you ever wonder how you can just put yourself into a messy bad mood even though everything is perfectly fine in your ‘real’ world…?


Sheer DramaQueen behavior.

Just make believe.

Suit yourself.

Button A. button B.


A wild free imagination…

What a whimsical child!


A few moments back I could just imagine myself in those white princess dresses with a black sash in the middle dancing away the night with him. Starry night. Twinkling lights. Soft music. And us doing our crazy stuff.

I can’t dance.

Definitely cant fit into one of those princess dresses.

And he is a few hundred kilometers away from me,



Let’s  Make Believe.

Time and Beauty

Time is on a holiday
on the beach.. ah peace..
a few birds.. here and there..
the tales slowly cease..

The Master of the Mastermind
Oh hello, Glory-head !
the chimes of time.. a bell.. a clock..
Beauty – airbrushed again..

Do I know you? ” the words of Time..
to the maiden caged in sleep..
Unholy soul lingering about
blue safely keep..

Pretty stones for the pretty lady
a gift for the shy smile
a knowing smell.. and mystery more..
everlasting dreams divine..

Battered.. shattered.. a twit in pain..
Pain.. in drops and stones
twirling down the mountainside
a broken mind.. and tattered dead bones

The sky in a slightly tawny shade
The gloaming gloating with glee
Beauty kept under wraps
in her dark world.. another long sleep..

Time.. O sweet nasty Time?
But Time is gone.. and somehow lost..
The raging waves.. all meaningless..
for Time is truly lost.