A One. Two. Three.

Exams are over. Finally done with them.

Basically, we had a long long holiday..study leave plus summer vacation. about 6 months i think.

But but but..I cant help begging for more. The fact that i will literally have to get up early in the morning tomorrow..drag myself up and go to college and attend boring lectures.. well that doesn’t get me excited.


College was not supposed to be like this. English Honours. What had I expected?

We will read a poem here and there.. a few essays..a bunch of novels..experience new stuff..grow in our creative majesty..and write write write and WRITE..

Who expected to study History and stuff..

I guess its important. But Whatever.

That got me a lil sad.

Just a lil bit.

But sad.


So I’m going out for a movie this afternoon. With Ma. Proloy. Supposed to be a good one. She’s been patiently waiting for me to be done with all my exams so that we could go out and have some girly fun. Just like old times.

I want the popcorn. She wants the movie.

Everyone is Happy.

Okay I wanna watch the movie too.

Parambrata Chatterjee is there. And even our Bob Biswas, Saswata Chatterjee.. Need I say more?


Yada yada yada.


And I’m supposed to be on diet. Hasn’t really worked out so far. Still stuck with “Day1”.  I literally have to shut myself up in my room when the cook is here..

Aloo Bhaja, Mangsho, Jhinge Posto, Amer Chatni, Dimer Dalna…

No. I cannot..Just cannot afford to catch a glimpse of all the delicacies everyone gets to have and I have to have fruits for one whole day.

That’s why it doesn’t work out. The diet.

The Dairy Milk in the refrigerator doesn’t help my case either.



Bye now.