To My Love

The day has gone; the night sings to me
On the sill I sit, patiently.

Moonface sucks her thumb – up any minute now
Yellow tresses of worrying stresses – holes with empty dancing laces.

Lover dear – my believer, my trust, my lone rock
On quivering lips laced with assuring knock
Voice dipped in tea, voiceless in sea,
Everlasting love, I write to thee.

16 thoughts on “To My Love

  1. Love in the twilight. Sweet 😉

  2. I loved this poem, though I even felt uncomfortable – it was as if I was reading something private and I should rather turn away. A very good job!

  3. jennis5309 says:

    Lovely rhyme in this one, especially in stanza two. A very sweet poem that flows well.

  4. jdoublep says:

    The line “Voice dipped in tea, voiceless in sea” really grabbed me: the meter, the simple rhyme that belies a real juxtaposition of the senses. Nicely done.

  5. 3skay says:

    “Yellow tresses of worrying tresses” was a Segway into my favourite half of this poem. The internal rhyme that opened up that segment was smooth and led into a lovely final stanza.

  6. thats very beautiful indeed

  7. richa says:

    Lovely poem! Felt it. 🙂

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