Sally Says: Okay. Yes. Girls smoke too. Get over it.

It was a Weekday afternoon. I was out with a few friends –eating. Since that’s what we mostly do. I sat there devouring my burger when an off-hand comment was passed. A friend, pointing to a girl on the road, said : “I don’t like Girls smoking. They are just trying to copy boys. Pointless.”
I looked at her and I looked at my plate and then, I ate my burger. The moment passed. People talked and shared trivial thoughts on other things.
I hadn’t agreed to what she said. But I hadn’t said anything either. I’m a coward that way. Hi there. I’m Sally The Coward.
I didn’t mind her not liking girls smoking. That’s her thing. She may like or dislike whatever she wants. I may not like blue skirts. You may not like short hair. A third person might not even like us. Boo Hoo.
But her second comment basically sucked.
Girls don’t smoke to copy boys. Girls smoke for the same reason boys do. They enjoy it. Or it is something they picked up which has turned into a bad habit. Like biting nails. Or Overspending. Or chewing hair.

I should clarify here- I don’t support smoking. Smoking causes Cancer. Smoking Kills. No one should smoke (irrespective of one’s gender).
But people do, knowing the risks.

So here’s to the people who stare and judge and go- “Issh. Ki korche era??!!” ( which roughly translates to – “ Eww. Whaaat are they doing??!!”) :
Please don’t judge.
Judging is a bad habit.
And, yes. Girls smoke too. Get over it.

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