Here And There

It’s easy to write about sadness. Happiness. Well, that’s hard to pen down. Just a random thought.



Abhimanyu, my guy best friend, asked me to jot down whatever came into my mind.. however silly.. however absurd..

That way, atleast,  I wouldn’t lose the hang of writing..

But its easier said than done.

Suppose – I’m just sitting there..the slight breeze tingling my senses..the tick-tock of the clock..the ever so slight movement seeming like drum beats within the walls of my ear..and my’s just blank..not one idea.. not one thought..its just BLANK. Dead pin-drop silence empty- vessel blank.

Now what does one write about being blank.




I stared at the cell phone screen..eager to break away from the monotony of life.

It was Mr. Happy.

It’s him who knocks down my walls..carefully unwraps me from my dull brown paper package..takes up the paintbrush with deft mastery and dabs a bit of colour here and there.

And there you have me.Happy. A bit Dreamy. And awfully Sleepy.

Lazing on the couch..chocolate in one hand..a book in the other..mind far away..away..away from the real sane world..and yes, eventually falling asleep without a care in the world..



And yes, as you can guess, I sleep a lot..14 hours straight..That’s my record. 😀

Now,  coming to my Mr. Happy, he is awfully good you see. He is the good-est as there could ever be. Understanding and kind with a pinch of good humour- that’s he. And oh yes, I love being called Mrs. Happy. Makes me giggle..and starry eyed..and stare deep into the horizon with a silly red-cheeked dazed expression.



Enough mushy stuff.

*gives the red cheeked dazed expression*



Today it rained and rained and rained and rained.

And with the absence of the proper kind of wind, flying kites was an absolute no-no. 😐

Yah. The day sucked.



Okay. So I’m really tired right now.

Never start writing a post when you are tired and about to doze off – Note to self

So yah..

Bye Now.

2 thoughts on “Here And There

  1. Sourjya Chowdhury says:

    I love Mrs. Happy.
    Beautifully written.

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