Teacup and coffee

and beans strewn all around

a chocolate brown maze

paths not meant to be found…


Scribbles in white sheets

the forest made green and dense

i sit here under the moonshine

admiring its brilliance…


Scissors and gum bottles

different yet still the same

joining cutting rebuilding a world

a world in just a game..


The leaves have lost its glory

the dark shapes recasting the silver line

a world full of misery and hate

i seek refuge in heart thine…


Pale, cold, turning frosty pink

eyes not responding to be read

heart in a state of stinging pain

mind in conflict and vexed..


Assurance is what i need

kind words whispered into my ear

waiting for the first kiss of morning

tings a bell- far away..distant..or near…


Skipping in the harsh drizzle

as time eats away time

life is a maze- ought to be not

ridiculous smiles-caught in love’s crime…


Mellow dark leading to dawn

striking notes of clumsy melody

escaping the minds eye and all

peeping into a soul stung by another love bee.

4 thoughts on “DARK SOUL ALIGHTED

  1. Abhimanyu Banerjee says:

    WOW!! :O

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